Oil Tears, Lágrimas de Aceite english subtitled

Open link to de documentary Oil Tears , english subtitled

Lágrimas de Aceite (Oil Tears) tells the story of the indigenous communities affected by oil spills from the Norperuano Pipeline. Accessible in open link to the documentary subtitled in English.

The documentary Lágrimas de Aceite tells the story of the indigenous communities that suffered the backwardness of the oil pollution of the Norperuano Pipeline, operated by the state company Petroperú.
The film shows various testimonies of the people affected by the spills. In 2016, the poor condition of the pipes of the pipeline caused 13 spills, altering the main source of life of the communities: water.


When does an oil pipeline expire in the Amazon? In 2016 more than 10 breaks in different sections of the Norperuano Pipeline affect dozens of native communities of the Awajún, Huampis and Kukama peoples. «Lágrimas de Aceite» explores the consequences of the obsolescence of the oil infrastructure, challenging a change in the energy model that does not generate long-term environmental displacements.

About the documentary

Lágrimas de Aceite (Oil Tears) is a project of the activist organization Alerta Amazónica. The films was funded through a collective campaign of crowd funding.

Its director and scriptwriter, Marc Gavaldà, is a specialist in oil impacts and corporate power. He has directed documentaries such as Vivir sobre el Pozo (2002), Tentayapi, el pueblo intact (2005), Patagonia Petrolera (2008), Los Nahua, 20 años después (2013), Alerta Amazónica (2014) and Asfaltar Bolivia ( 2015).
Lágrimas de Aceite was recorded by a light team formed by Lidia Álvarez and Marc Gavaldà during August and September 2016, on a tour that departed from the Petroperú headquarters in Lima and traveled throughout the course of the Marañón River to its river mouth to the Amazon in Iquitos.
It counted with the collaboration of organizations such as Aidesep, Cultura Awajún, Radio Kampagkis and Radio Ucamara, which provided images and testimonies.
The documentary has been awarded by the Festival Cine Invisible de Bilbao and selected in several festivals such as the Ecozine of Zaragoza, Amazonian Cinema, Censurados, Sembando Cinema and Itinerant Art of Peru, Planetadoc, FicWallmapu, DocuLatino, among others.
On June 21, 2018, the public access to the documentary subtitled in English is opened. The Alerta Amazónica collective encourages publishing it on web pages and projecting it in your own town. Contact: alertamazonica@gmail.com https://alertamazonica.wordpress.com

Acerca de alertamazonica

Desde el Colectivo Alerta Amazónica intentamos dar voz a los pueblos amazónicos en defensa de sus territorios ante la empbestida extractivista de gobiernos y corporaciones
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